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Katie Kenny
Beth Toner
Mags Brennan

Will you walk with us? An eco-feminist approach to sustainable land practice. See. Appreciate. Change.

An exploration of our relationship with the land we inhabit as women, legacy and inheritance were the heart of our response to the Change Lab.

“Every new day we question each system we have known since birth, and are obliged to consider their possible demise”
– Li Edelkoort

Globally, only 13.8% of landholders are female. In Ireland, only 12% are female. As a group we imagined what the world would look like if women had a more active role in land practices, if traditional ecological knowledge was recognised by dominant culture as holding equal value as empirical knowledge.

Ecofeminism highlights the parallels between the exploitation of women and the exploitation of land, by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals; Goal 15, Life on Land and Goal 5, Gender Equality. Through various creative and sustainable interventions, we re-established ourselves in our landscapes and sought a different dialogue. Using the land as our medium, our resource and ecofeminism, the lens through which we engendered our work.

Through this unpredictable time, we moved away from the traditional gallery setting and into the digital realm. We used social media (instagram) as an evolving space, a way of co-curating with the audience and creating a platform dedicated to research and discussion.

As artist researchers we are committed to steering our creativity towards the advancement of a just and sustainable world.

See, appreciate, change.